“We recognize the world, although now - not only because we have emerged from a dream - we look on it with new eyes. We are offered a new style that is thoroughly of this world, that celebrates the mundane. This new world of objects is still alien to the current idea of Realism. It employs various techniques that endow all things with a deeper meaning and reveal mysteries that always threaten the secure tranquility of simple and ingenuous things. This [art offers a] calm admiration of the magic of being, of the discovery that things already have their own faces, [this] means that the ground in which the most diverse ideas in the world can take root has been reconquered -albeit in new ways. For the new art it is a question of representing before our eyes, in an intuitive way, the fact, the interior figure, of the exterior world.”

Franz Roh, Magical Realism: Post-Expressionism (1925). Magical Realism. Ed. L.P. Zamora and W.B. Faris, Durham: Duke Up, 1995. P.15-32

In every project OOD seeks to capture the values and identity of the brand, in both the architectural design and the design of interiors, and unite them as one.